Getting around the Chicago Loop

Spend any time at all in Chicago, and you’re bound to end up at the Loop at some point. Besides being the second largest central business district in the United States, the Loop is also home to over 16,000 Chicagoans. For businesses, that means a large possible customer base, as well as a chance to market and support your company in a whole new way.The Loop exists within an area marked out by the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, and Roosevelt Road, but it’s not actually a loop. Instead, the name (as a proper noun) probably originated with the Union Loop of the city’s ‘L’ rapid transit system, which was constructed between 1895 and 1897. However, some claim that the general term originated even earlier based on the cable car loops in the area.What can you do in the Loop today? Catch a classical ballet or modern dance performance by the Joffrey Ballet, for one. See the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra, for another, or witness a show at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The Goodman Theater, the Harold Washington Library, the Chicago Cultural Center, and the Art Institute of Chicago can also be found within the Loop.Besides being a historic area for the Arts, the Loop also provides some of Chicago’s best shopping opportunities, and is an attractive location for new businesses. There are options both old (the Loop Retail Historic District, which was founded in 1871 and is known for its impressive department stores) and new (the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s largest shopping district and also home to high-end restaurants, hotels, and some of America’s tallest buildings). To top everything off, the Loop is also a political center, with the City Hall and Council buildings located in the vicinity.Whether you’re looking to start up a business in the area or are simply planning on moving to Chicago, the Loop offers plenty of benefits and opportunities. The Chicago Loop Alliance, formed in 2005, runs an online information center where you can learn more about the area. Resources like these are just one of the reasons that it’s important to stay connected in Chicagoand the strength of your internet connection may be a benefit when it comes to building real-life business and personal connections in the area.